Born in London, in the early seventies, Ade tried his hand at various trades; from selling shoes, tickets for concerts, managing bands, to publishing an international horse racing magazine. Ade was known by Guy Ritchie who cast him as Tyrone the getaway driver in Snatch (2000). He then set off on the European press jaunt & traveled to the United States to preview the movie, addressing the audience at Harry Knowles' 24hr film festival at The Alamo, Texas. Ade has since been involved with several other film and TV projects; notably as Infante in the Bond movie Casino Royale (2006) and Madonna's directorial debut Filth and Wisdom (2008). He knew Guy Ritchie for several years prior to both their endeavours into the motion picture world. He & Guy became reacquainted just before the release of Guy's showstopper "Lock Stock..." at which point Guy politely informed Ade of his new project, titled at that time "Diamonds" now known as Snatch (2000). He was always a character that appealed to Guy and as the the days progressed during the shooting, Guy realised that he had discovered a real diamond in the rough.

Geburtsort: Crouch End, London


Anzahl der Filme, die wir schon mit Ade gesehen haben: 154

Anzahl aller Filme, in denen Ade mitgespielt hat: 6

  • Creation Stories
    Rolle: Hercules
  • Fetch
    Rolle: Cesear
  • Casino Royale
    Rolle: Infante
  • Becoming Bond
    Rolle: Self
  • The 51st State
    Rolle: Omar
  • Snatch
    Rolle: Tyrone