Fahri Yardım

Fahri Yardim was born in Hamburg, Germany, the son of an academic family of Turkish extraction. Performing on stage in school productions he developed his love of acting. He trained at the Hamburger Bühnenstudio der darstellenden Künste (Hamburg Stage Studio of the Performing Arts) and appeared in theatre productions in Berlin and Hamburg. Fahri represents a generation that focuses on character rather than nationality. He is a naturalist who avoids ethnic stereotype, and his versatility is mirrored in his choice of roles: He portrayed an Anatolian in Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland (2011), a Greek in Kebab Connection (2004), a German Sinte in Chiko(2008), a German in Mogadischu (2008), and a woman in Unter Frauen (2012). His most memorable roles include the Brunswick-set film 66/67 - Fairplay war gestern(2009). 2012 proved to be a peak year allowing him to demonstrate the range of his talent and his powerful, committed, discursive and nuanced personality. He played a priest in Marcus H. Rosenmüller's Wer's glaubt, wird selig (2012), an artist in Marc Rothemund's Mann tut was Mann kann (2012), a paramedic in Lars Becker's ZDF thrillerDie Geisterfahrer (2012), a doctor in the ProSieben crime drama Kreutzer kommt ... ins Krankenhaus (2012) and a detective in the Sat.1 thriller drama Hannah Mangold & Lucy Palm (2011). In 2013 he will appear with Ben Kingsley in the international movie version of Der Medicus (2013). In Austria he is a regular in the ORF police drama CopStories. And in March of 2013 he was Til Schweiger's partner in the first of several projected Tatort (1970) episodes.

Geburtstag: 01.01.1980

Geburtsort: Hamburg, Germany

Anzahl der Filme, die wir schon mit Fahri Yardım gesehen haben: 7

Anzahl aller Filme, in denen Fahri Yardım mitgespielt hat: 52

  • Shock
    Rolle: Giuli
  • Tot im Wald
    Rolle: Aktan Gül
  • Rocca Changes the World
    Rolle: Casper
  • Fegefeuer
    Rolle: Yalcin Gümer
  • Whatever Happens
    Rolle: Julian
  • Godless Youth
    Rolle: Lehrer
  • Winnetou - The Secret of Silver Lake
    Rolle: El Mas Loco
  • Four Against the Bank
    Rolle: Obdachloser
  • The Pasta Detectives 3
    Rolle: Justin
  • Nick: Off Duty
    Rolle: Yalcin Gümer
  • Marry Me!
    Rolle: Karim
  • Half Brothers
    Rolle: Yasin Lerchenfeld
  • 8 Saniye
    Rolle: Mo
  • Men Have to Go through This
    Rolle: Bronko Steiner
  • Head Full of Honey
    Rolle: Erdal
  • Everything is Love
    Rolle: Kerem
  • Wir machen durch bis morgen früh
    Rolle: Ali Struttmann
  • Male Mistakes
    Rolle: Daniel
  • The Physician
    Rolle: Davout Hosein
  • Rabbit Without Ears and Two-Eared Chick
    Rolle: Bär
  • Unter Feinden
    Rolle: Ali Younes
  • Geisterfahrer
    Rolle: Emile Ramzy
  • Kreutzer kommt ... ins Krankenhaus
    Rolle: Dr. Henning Roehm
  • Men Do what Men Can
    Rolle: Bronko Steiner
  • Unter Frauen
    Rolle: Silvio
  • The Guardians
  • Und weg bist Du
    Rolle: Rudi Gassner
  • Wer's glaubt wird selig
    Rolle: Pater Paolo Barsotti
  • Brothers
    Rolle: Savas
  • Das Leben ist keine Autobahn
    Rolle: Cem
  • Men in the City 2
    Rolle: Vater Loco
  • Visus - Expedition Arche Noah
    Rolle: Erhan
  • Almanya: Welcome to Germany
    Rolle: Hüseyin
  • Kokowääh
    Rolle: Pizzabote
  • 8:28 AM
    Rolle: Frank
  • Schutzlos
    Rolle: Yamshid
  • Gravity
    Rolle: Chef im Lager
  • Kill Your Darling
    Rolle: Mike
  • Engel sucht Liebe
    Rolle: Fatih
  • Men in the City
    Rolle: Loco
  • Sea of Death
    Rolle: Finn
  • Morgen, ihr Luschen! Der Ausbilder-Schmidt-Film
    Rolle: Prinz Habib / Prinz Ravan
  • 66/67 - Fairplay war gestern
    Rolle: Tamer
  • 1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde
    Rolle: Herold
  • Mogadischu
    Rolle: Michael Libal
  • Fast Track: No Limits
    Rolle: Money Man
  • Chiko
    Rolle: Curly
  • Where Is Fred?
    Rolle: Mehmet
  • Kebab Connection
    Rolle: Lefty