Ken Yamamura

Ken Yamamura, born Kennosuke Yamamura (山村 憲之介, Yamamura Kennosuke, born January 21, 1986), is a Japanese actor best known for playing the younger Ichirō Yashida / Silver Samurai (sharing the main antagonist's role with Haruhiko Yamanouchi) in the 2013 film The Wolverine, and Takashi in the 2014 remake of Godzilla. Yamamura was born in Osaka on January 21, 1986. He studied drama at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. After graduating, he has not missed a chance to have a role in a Hollywood blockbuster. In 2013, Yamamura made his first acting appearance as the younger Ichiro Yashida / Silver Samurai in the American superhero film The Wolverine, which had starred Hugh Jackman. The following year, he went on to portray the role of Takashi, the associate of Bryan Cranston's character, in the 2014 remake of Godzilla. In 2019, he then appeared to portray as the character Oguchi in the thriller crime drama film Earthquake Bird, featuring Alicia Vikander and Riley Keough, which was released by Netflix on November 15, 2019. In 2021, Yamamura has portrayed Taka in the film People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan.

Geburtstag: 21.01.1986

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    Rolle: Makoto Kanno
  • Bad Lands
    Rolle: Yukawa
  • Tetris
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  • Story Game
    Rolle: Professor Emori
  • Baragaki: Unbroken Samurai
    Rolle: Toshimaro Yoshida
  • People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan
    Rolle: Taka
  • Earthquake Bird
    Rolle: Det. Oguchi
  • Sekigahara
    Rolle: Nobukatsu Shima
  • Tokyo Project
    Rolle: Guy giving directions
  • The Wolverine
    Rolle: Young Yashida
  • Double Happiness Uranium
    Rolle: Mitch