Yuki Morita

Yuki Morita was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She studied English literature at Otsuma University, and at the same time, studied acting at the Enbu School. After graduating, she relocated to England to study English, and then traveled the world -- an experience that inspired her to become an actress. In 2007, Yuki moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. There, she studied acting at New Image College of Fine Arts, while working regularly as a background actress on numerous films and series, including "The 4400," "Smallville," "Psych," "The L-Word," "Bionic Woman," "Intelligence," "The EYE," "Doctor Doolittle 5: Goin' Hollywood," and "Operation: Espionage." However, Yuki's talent and graceful beauty is quickly earning her notice as a principal and lead actress in film and stage. After appearing in the short drama "Milos," Yuki played the matriarchal Queen Shogami in the sci-fi romantic drama, "Food for the Gods." Soon after, Yuki was cast in the starring role "Mindy" in the dramedy stage production "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress" by Alan Ball. Yuki continues to garner major roles on stage, as well as pursuing a film and television career.

Geburtsort: Tokyo, Japan

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  • Two/One
    Rolle: Check in Assistant
  • The Great Buddha: Arrival
  • Bad Building
    Rolle: Hiroko
  • Eyes of a Beginner
    Rolle: Sushi Waitress