Nathan Geist

Nathaniel Adam Joseph Danger Geist was born on August 16, 1986 in the Chicagoland area. At the age of five, "Danger" knew that he wanted to be a Film & Television actor and has refused to lose sight of that dream. Throughout high school, Danger intensely studied theatre and was the only student in his class of 500 students who partook in every high school theatrical production. When Danger arrived to college in 2005, he enrolled in the Theatre & Dance Department to study acting in an attempt to pursue his dream. However, it wasn't but a few weeks into his first semester that he realized a few disappointments: for one, he was interested in Film & Television acting, but the acting program he was enrolled in only offered Theatre lessons. Secondly, even if Danger graduated with a degree in Theatre, he would have no career opportunities and limited skill sets in the event that he failed to obtain job opportunities. And thirdly, he would have very little to offer the Film & Television world as all his training would be focused on theatrical acting. Danger knew he had a few options. He could drop out and move to Los Angeles to audition and probably fail because he had limited Film & Television experience, or he could submerge himself in a lifestyle that would make him well-rounded and more interesting than just another fresh-out-of-college Theatre Major. Danger's philosophy was that if he focused first on his development as a person, and only thereafter focused on his career as an actor, he'd significantly increase his likelihood of achieving his dream. Graduating from university in 2010, Danger hoped his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology would help him further understand the human condition which would, in turn, offer him insight into any roles he landed. By the time he graduated, Danger was a decorated war veteran for a year-long combat tour spent in Afghanistan as a soldier in the U.S. Army, he was a published author and was concurrently working on three literary projects for future publication, and he already had credited roles in both film and television. Danger's philosophy to succeeding in the acting business has yet to prove more successful than the standard approach of moving to high-market areas and begin auditioning. However, if Danger's dream of becoming a credible Film & Television actor is ever slashed, at least he will not be just another statistic who went to achieve his dreams and wound up empty-handed in the end. Mini Biography By: Nate Danger Geist

Geburtstag: 16.08.1986

Geburtsort: Skokie, Illinois, USA

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  • 5-25-77
    Rolle: Angry Movie Patron #4 / Star Wars Fan (uncredited)
  • Contagion
    Rolle: Lieutenant Commander Williams (uncredited)
  • The Dilemma
    Rolle: Young Chrysler Employee / Package Delivery Man / Dodge Stratus Guy / ... (uncredited)
  • Eagle Eye
    Rolle: Chase Bystander (uncredited)
  • Were the World Mine
    Rolle: Boy of Cute Couple at Fair (uncredited)
  • The Promotion
    Rolle: Donnie Wahls (uncredited)
  • Death of a President
    Rolle: State Trooper (uncredited)
  • Mr. 3000
    Rolle: Brewers Fan (uncredited)