David Dastmalchian

David Dastmalchian (/dəsˈmɔːltʃən/; born July 21, 1977 or 1984) is an American actor of stage, film, and television. Raised in Kansas, he studied at The Theatre School at DePaul University.[3] In Chicago, he received acclaim for lead roles in Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie and Sam Shepard's Buried Child at Shattered Globe Theatre.[4] He also played Kurt in Marvel Studios's Ant-Man (2015) and its sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), Murdoc in CBS's MacGyver, and Abra Kadabra in The CW's The Flash. Dastmalchian was born in Pennsylvania but raised in Overland Park, Kansas where he attended Shawnee Mission South high school. He is of Armenian, Persian, Italian, Irish and English descent. Prior to beginning his career as an actor, he suffered from a heroin addiction for five years before getting clean. He wrote about his experience in his screenplay, Animals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Geburtstag: 21.07.1977

Geburtsort: Pennsylvania, U.S.

homepage: https://www.daviddastmalchian.com/

Anzahl der Filme, die wir schon mit David Dastmalchian gesehen haben: 3

Anzahl aller Filme, in denen David Dastmalchian mitgespielt hat: 25

  • Bird Box
    Rolle: Whistling Marauder
  • All Creatures Here Below
    Rolle: Gensan
  • A Million Little Pieces
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
    Rolle: Kurt
  • The Domestics
    Rolle: Willy Cunningham
  • Relaxer
    Rolle: Cam
  • Galaktikon: Nightmare
    Rolle: Triton
  • The Belko Experiment
    Rolle: Alonso 'Lonny' Crane
  • Under the Pyramid
    Rolle: Yonas Al Masri
  • Making of an Ant-Sized Heist: A How-To Guide
    Rolle: Himself
  • Chronic
    Rolle: Bernard
  • Ant-Man
    Rolle: Kurt
  • A Killer of Men
    Rolle: Denham
  • Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie
    Rolle: Sgt. L J Ng
  • Animals
    Rolle: Jude
  • After Thought
    Rolle: Brandon
  • Prisoners
    Rolle: Bob Taylor
  • The Employer
    Rolle: James Harris
  • Sushi Girl
    Rolle: Nelson
  • CASS
    Rolle: Joshua Whitmore
  • Singled Out
    Rolle: Luke
  • Horsemen
    Rolle: Terrence
  • Madness in the Method
    Rolle: Hernando