Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu is a Chinese-American actor, director, and producer. Since his film debut in 1998, he has been featured in over 60 films. He was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his role in "New Police Story", and was awarded Best New Director for his mockumentary, "The Heavenly Kings". Currently, he is most well-known for his role as Sunny in the AMC action series "Into the Badlands".

Geburtstag: 30.09.1974

Geburtsort: Berkeley, California, United States

Anzahl der Filme, die wir schon mit Daniel Wu gesehen haben: 1

Anzahl aller Filme, in denen Daniel Wu mitgespielt hat: 70

  • Geostorm
    Rolle: Cheng Long
  • Wished
  • Sky on Fire
    Rolle: Chong Tin-Po
  • Warcraft
    Rolle: Gul'dan
  • Go Away Mr. Tumor
    Rolle: Doctor Liang
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
    Rolle: Fang Qi Hong
  • A Rose Reborn
    Rolle: Mr. Lu
  • Overheard 3
    Rolle: Joe
  • That Demon Within
    Rolle: Dave Wong
  • Control
    Rolle: Mark
  • Chinese Zodiac
    Rolle: Hospital doctor
  • Europa Report
    Rolle: William Xu
  • Tai Chi Hero
    Rolle: Mad Monk
  • The Man with the Iron Fists
    Rolle: Poison Dagger
  • Tai Chi Zero
    Rolle: Mad Monk
  • The Last Supper
    Rolle: Xiang Yu
  • The Great Magician
    Rolle: Captain Tsai
  • Inseparable
    Rolle: Li
  • Overheard 2
    Rolle: Joe Szema
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    Rolle: Fang Qihong
  • Beginning of the Great Revival
    Rolle: Hu Shi
  • Triple Tap
    Rolle: Inspector Jerry Chong
  • Red Earth
  • Jump
    Rolle: doctor
  • Like a Dream
    Rolle: Max
  • Overheard
    Rolle: Max Lam
  • Shinjuku Incident
    Rolle: Jie
  • Rob-B-Hood
    Rolle: Daniel
  • Protégé
    Rolle: Nick
  • Blood Brothers
    Rolle: Fung
  • Ming Ming
    Rolle: D
  • The Banquet
    Rolle: Crown Prince Wu Luan
  • The Heavenly Kings
    Rolle: Daniel Wu
  • McDull, the Alumni
    Rolle: Hijacker #2
  • Magic & Me
    Rolle: Himself
  • Everlasting Regret
    Rolle: Kang Ming Xun
  • Drink-Drank-Drunk
    Rolle: Michael / 'Michel'
  • House of Fury
    Rolle: Jason
  • DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang
    Rolle: Hung Lang
  • Divergence
    Rolle: Koo
  • Beyond Our Ken
    Rolle: Ken
  • New Police Story
    Rolle: Joe Kwan
  • The Twins Effect II
    Rolle: Wei Liao
  • Around the World in 80 Days
    Rolle: Bak Mei
  • One Nite in Mongkok
    Rolle: Lai-fu
  • Enter the Phoenix
    Rolle: Georgie Hung Chi-Kit
  • Magic Kitchen
    Rolle: Kevin
  • Hidden Track
    Rolle: Man
  • Night Corridor
    Rolle: Ah Hung
  • Night Corridor
    Rolle: Sam Yuen
  • Love Undercover 2: Love Mission
  • Naked Weapon
    Rolle: Jack Chen
  • Devil Face, Angel Heart
    Rolle: Lon / Michael
  • Beijing Rocks
    Rolle: Michael Wu
  • Princess D
    Rolle: Joker
  • Beauty and the Breast
    Rolle: Harper
  • Love Undercover
    Rolle: Au Hoi-Man
  • The Peeping
    Rolle: Calvin
  • Peony Pavilion
    Rolle: Xing Zhi Gang
  • Born Wild
    Rolle: Tide Ho
  • Cop on a Mission
    Rolle: Mike
  • Hit Team
    Rolle: Inspector Chau Chung
  • Hong Kong Superstars
    Rolle: Himself
  • 2000 AD
    Rolle: Benny
  • Purple Storm
    Rolle: Todd
  • Gen-X Cops
    Rolle: Daniel
  • Bishonen
    Rolle: Sam Fai
  • Young and Dangerous: The Prequel
    Rolle: Big Head
  • City of Glass